GamePark Gaming App Store for GP2X Wiz Handheld

It seems like just about everyone is opening an app store these days, even relatively obscure manufactures are starting to open app stores. Gamepark the company that created the popular GP2X Wiz gaming hand held has recently announced their plans to have an open source game/app store up and running by August 2009. Anyone will be able to create and upload a game to the store. Its a cool concept and Gamepark’s fans are a loyal bunch, so it will likely be very popular with GP2X Wiz owners. The pricing structure has not been announced, but there will no doubt be both free games as well as ones that must be purchased.

App stores overall seem like a great idea to me, it adds additional functionality to devices. Its true that some tiny Korean manufacture is not going to challenge the dominance of the Apple app store, but that is not the point, app stores are about opening up simple aggregation and distribution center for the applications and games. Titles that would have otherwise been lost at least stand a chance of being found in a good app store.